Welcome to my scrimshaw website. All my work is done on fossil (mammoth, mastodon or walrus) ivory, which is totally legal and readily available from Alaska. I began doing scrimshaw in 1973 when I moved from Los Angeles. to Bellingham, Washington and got hired at The Alaska Silver and Ivory Company. In 1976 I began freelancing and over the years have been selling mostly to stores in Alaska, Hawaii, and New England. I currently live in Marlborough, New Hampshire.

The pieces shown here are not available for sale, but I welcome requests and would be glad to recreate any of these scenes, or do any special orders. You can also see what I currently have for sale by hitting the Online Store button.


4 comments on “About

  1. Hi Michael:

    I work at “The Scrimshanders” in Door County Wisconsin and show your work to potential customers on a regular basis. In an effort to know more about your scrimshaw background and your artistic style, can you direct me to where I can find more information on you. This will be most helpful in providing customers with information that may help in closing a sale.

    Mike Green

  2. Michael,
    Wondering if you have a workshop in Marlborough where you show any pieces of your work? I am a sailor who is fascinated with scrimshaw and would love to learn more about how it is created. I saw some of your work in Bar Harbor and I will be passing by Marlborough in a week or so.

  3. Hello Michael you and my father have done business together before here in Juneau Alaska and I have a peice of ivory I’d love to have you scrimshaw email me 😀hope to hear from you soon

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